A few examples of how our flexible funding can help you succeed with your plans…

Yorkshire based apartment development. £90,000 over 9 months for erection of new build apartments adjacent to the Pub. These have been retained, let out and the loan refinanced to a mainstream Bank. We will be supporting two more phases of work to the building, to eventually convert the pub completely into 14 apartments.

Bridging loan £40,000 for 12 months to acquire land. Client had to repay family loan to establish unfettered ownership of grazing land. Part of the loan to be repaid from sale of small part of the land for development. We accepted a charge over the land as our security for the loan.

Working capital finance, £100,000 over 18 months. A second charge loan over a residential property. This provided working capital funds to a business to enable a substantial transaction to come to fruition over the course of about a year, and ultimately repay the loan as well as making a good profit for the client.

£60,000 over 6 months for property acquisition. The property was to be completely gutted and modernised, and as such no mainstream mortgage lender would advance funds. We were able to fund this acquisition within 6 days to ensure the client acquired the property in a competitive bidding environment. The loan was repaid following completion of works to the property and a refinance to a mainstream lender.

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