Short term property finance up to 18 months, to give you the time you need to manage your property for the best financial returns.

Our clients utilise our funding for a wide range of services, including small development schemes; to raise working capital for their business; to purchase property at Auction; for property renovation and refurbishment; to provide time to acquire longer term Bank funding; to provide emergency funding; to allow sitting tenants to purchase the freehold of their property from their landlord – the list goes on and on.

We can provide funding on a first or second charge basis, but will always look to ensure that there is an adequate margin of equity within a property to comfortably cover our loan, as well as any other lenders using the property as security.

Our loans are based on value, not purchase price – we can on occasions provide near 100% funding of the purchase price if the property is being purchased at a significant discount to market value.

Please note that we cannot provide loans on a first charge basis that are secured by a property in which the applicant or their family resides, nor can loans be provided where the funding is for other than business use.

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